High Quality
Our products stand out for their high quality, a tradition maintained for generations. Our glasses are the result of craftsmanship based on over 75 years of experience.
Design Made in Germany: All models are our own creations, lovingly designed with a passion for eyewear. They feature innovative and stylish designs.

Excellent Value
Great Value: Quality doesn't have to be expensive, and we prove it with our excellent balance between price and performance.
Wide Selection: Whether classic-elegant or modern and trendy – our diverse eyewear collections offer the perfect sunglasses or corrective model for every style and target group.

High-Quality Materials
Diverse Materials: Our frames are made from high-quality materials such as acetate, eco-acetate, wood, titanium, carbon, aluminum, ultem, stainless steel, and grilamid.
Blue Matr'xx Sunglasses: All our sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Eco-Friendly Options
Eco-Acetate Glasses: We focus not only on quality and style but also on sustainability. We offer glasses made from environmentally friendly eco-acetate, including sustainable packaging materials and cases to support sustainable and eco-friendly options.

Quality Control
Tested Quality: Every pair of frames is checked by our internal quality control before shipping to ensure the highest standards.

Spare Parts Guarantee
2-Year Warranty: We offer a 2-year spare parts warranty for added security. Additionally, we can often provide spare parts over a longer period.

Customer-Oriented Service
Your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we offer you first-class service. – At Röhm Eyewear, you are the focus.

No Minimum Order Quantity: Order flexibly without minimum order quantities.
Service: We offer the possibility of sample shipments without additional fees.
Flexible Warranty Cases: We offer flexible solutions for warranty cases.
Exclusive Distribution: Sales are made exclusively to traditional opticians.
Cooperation Agreement: We have various cooperation agreements, through which you can benefit from attractive discounts. For more details, please contact our sales representatives.
Attractive Promotions: We regularly offer exclusive promotions and special offers that bring you additional benefits and savings.
Webshop: Our webshop allows you to hide prices to facilitate sales to end customers.